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Golden Child
at Signature Theater
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Cry Me Through Hell
Pilot/Short Film
Black&White The Dawn of Assault

A Tony Award winning play by David Henry Hwang about A Chinese businessman, after three years working abroad, sets off a dangerous power struggle in his polygamous Chinese household. Inspired by his own family history, David Henry Hwang's 1997 Obie Award-winning and 1998 Tony nominated Golden Child explores the often-painful process through which change comes to people and cultures. Lesley Hu, playing Eng Eling, Eng’s third wife whom he loves most.

The hell messenger arrives at a film set to solve a strange case. Mr. Wu, who has no idea of his own death, comes to the "Hell airport" but can not be reincarnated, because his daughter hasn't shed a tear for his death.

A brave police officer must team up with a crook when a diamond heist leads them into much greater danger, putting the whole city in peril.

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A blackbox theater production directed by Jaime Zuniga. Two sets of parents, one of whose child has hurt the other at a public park. They agree to meet to discuss the matter in a civilized manner. However, as the evening goes on, the parents become increasingly childish, resulting in the evening devolving into chaos. Lesley plays Annette, who’s in "wealth management" (her husband's wealth, to be precise), and consistently wears good shoes.

God of Carnage
Black box production
by Kingston

A short film about an architect, torn between her duties and morals, is sent to a small village in the Philippines to evaluate a building site when she meet a girl with PTSD.

Dragon Gate
TVBS drama series

In order to solve the case, agent Qiq must enter the Dragon Gate, a lawless ghetto where underworld dwellers do business and residents protect their own.


produced by Director Stan Lai’s theater company, Performance Workshop Theater. Fei, a young aspiring dancer struggles to win a dance competition with his crew without compromising his integrity and at the same time, trying to gain his parents approval. This story is told in parallel to his grandfather’s memories as Fei finds the courage to embrace his ideals and dreams.

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Astro 48hr film project
Winner of Best Director

A Woman from New York comes to Taipei for a job interview, only to find herself dealing with an extreme canine situation after her cousin takes off for the weekend.

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A Bite of Bitter Sweet
Micro film

Green Lit for Season 2, The Jenny Show follows the wacky adventures of an American-born-Taiwanese girl learning to embrace the quirks of life in Taipei.

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A Bite of Bitter Sweet
Micro film

A young mother grasping on to the last memories of her own mother.

Prince of Tears
Feature film

is a 2009 Taiwanese film based on the story of Jiao Jiao 's father who was murdered during Taiwan's White Terror period

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